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JDAPT stats 100719 by JiFish
Holy Cow, I'm getting ~750 hits a day on the Deviant Art Pokémon Thingy.

Monkey Island

Stupid LucasArts released a Special Edition of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's revenge. So naturally, I had to replay Monkey Islands 1 through 3... and I'm currently working on number 4. This comes at a really bad time because I want to finish Pokémon HeartGold (and finally get my complete pokédex) before Atelier Rorona (PS3) and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (Wii) come out in mid-September. There just isn't enough hours in the day for all the videogaming that needs to be done.

MI2: SE is predictability brilliant. The updated graphics are stunning and capture the essence of the originals. The new voice acting is above par. Dominic Armato and Earl Boen delivering their lines almost exactly how I had imagined it. If I have one criticism, it is the music. They dumped the old iMuse system and replaced it with a full recorded orchestra. iMuse was a very clever system that subtly altered the music as you moved around the game, and allowed music to be synced with in-game events. In my option it was very important to the feel of the game and it was a shame to see it go. Still, a worthy update.

I'd also like to praise the Value Steam System a little. I bought the game on steam at launch and was playing it the same day. Steam offered me the pre-order bonus even though I missed the deadline. Also, since I already had a copy of the pre-order bonus (Monkey Island 1: SE), it allowed me to gift it. I sent it to my mum.

Pokémon Thingy

More people have been contacting me about my Deviant Art Pokémon Thingy, including another person who was angry that their picture was appearing on the site. Since the site is obviously getting some use I thought I should spend some time improving it. I made the following changes:
  • Added Title and tweaked template
  • Added sentence explaining what the results represent; Added disclaimer to bottom
  • Added about page to explain the purpose of the page; information for users who don't understand why their art is included.
  • Added newly announced pokémon in a temporary section.
  • Google Analytics, to find out where people are coming from
  • Misc tweaks, inc. XHTML compliance.


I plan to finish the set of Pokéballs soon and then I want to do another big piece. Any suggestions?
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Some random cat pictures.

Pokewalker Cat by JiFish Copy Cat by JiFish Chair Cat by JiFish

Did you ever wonder what happened to Data's cat, Spot? According to Memory Alpha, it was revealed in a deleted scene that Mr. Wolf inherited Spot after Data's death in Nemesis. She later helps Wolf with hunting down an alien infestation on the Enterprise. Wolf then declares her to be "a warrior." (Presumably, Wolf returns her to Data after his return - which occurs at some point before the events of the new Star Trek movie.)
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I got a message today from someone who was upset that his artwork was being displayed on my Pokémon Gallery Thingy. This got me thinking: How many people don't know that their artwork is available via RSS feeds from Deviant Art? Here's my gallery's RSS feed. I actually think this feature is pretty damn cool, but I guess not very well advertised on dA.

Here follows the message:
Please take my art down from your site I didn't give you permission to use it.

[Name Removed]

And my reply:

Your message wasn't specific, but I assume you are referring to the pokémon search gallery here:

As a courtesy, I have temporarily filtered your art from the results. Please read onward for a more detailed explanation.

All this site does is retrieve the publicly available RSS feeds for various searches on dA and displays the results. (For example, here is the Pikachu feed:… ) The links and thumbnails are provided via deviant art's embedding feature, no images are stored on my server. Think of it like google news, but just for pokémon art.

There is an option on deviations to prevent embedding, it's under 'Sharing Options' when you submit or edit a deviation. The default is Encourage. I think changing this option will also remove the art from any feeds.

There is nothing stopping someone else using dA's embedding feature with your art. Also, I may have to remove the filter on your username from my site at some point in the future. (I just quickly hacked the filter in there.) If you don't want 3rd parties embedding your art, you should probably change the sharing options on your artwork.

In summary, I'm just collecting publicly available deviant art search feeds. I don't control the contents of those feeds. If you have a problem with the contents, you'll have to take it up with deviant art, not me.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Kind Regards,


The technical bit: The operation to filter this user's art is probably the second most expensive in the script (after fetching/caching the RSS feed.) Pretty much all the code does is put some ugly layout around the RSS contents. I really wasn't planning on looking hard at what the actual contents is. Still, the page doesn't get enough hits that this is currently a concern.
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TNA iMPACT! Tour Photos

Sun Jan 31, 2010, 12:45 PM
Hello all!

Here's some photographs of the TNA event I went to with :iconthegeef: :icontommytong: :icongingwarr:

:iconknightnephrite: posts much better quality TNA photos from TNA iMPACT! tapings.

TNA iMPACT Tour 1 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 2 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 3 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 4 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 5 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 6 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 7 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 8 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 9 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 10 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 11 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 12 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 13 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 14 of 15 by JiFish TNA iMPACT Tour 15 of 15 by JiFish

I also tried to video the AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle match. But the quality isn't so great:… (Part 1/2)… (Part 2/2)

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New Kitten

Sun Jan 3, 2010, 4:01 PM
Hey all, apologies for the lack of updates! I have 700 deviations and 50 messages to get through, so it may take me a while to get to your messages. I promise I'll catch up!

I just wanted to post a journal entry to show off some pictures of my beautiful new kitten. She's very friendly and playful and has been keeping me busy since the weekend. I'm very pleased. I haven't named her yet.

New Cat 1 of 3 by JiFish New Cat 2 of 3 by JiFish New Cat 3 of 3 by JiFish New Cat 4 of 3 by JiFish

I lost my Scribblenauts save, but it's not a huge deal since I had already completed it. It's an extremely fun little game, and I'd recommend it for innovation alone. The only downside is the controls are a bit fiddly.…

I've also been playing Mana Khemia 2. Perhaps the last good RPG with 2D sprites on a major home console. It's actually a very good game considering it is clearly cashing in on the Harry Potter 'magic school' craze. The next game in the series will be fully 3D.

I am again accepting Hama / Evolution Art Commissions in exchange for other artwork.


New kitten photos at ~12 weeks

Ceiling Kitten by JiFish Boxed Cat by JiFish Mountain Cat by JiFish Two Cats by JiFish

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Hello all!

I really wanted to submit some Pokémon bead art for The Geef's Alan Parsons project. (The idea of the project is to submit fan-art that has not yet been done on deviantArt.) I wrote a quick script to find any Pokémon not submitted to dA. Predictably, every single last one has been done.

However, since I had already written the script - I thought I'd convert it in to dA Pokémon gallery! So check it out fellow Pokémanics! And tell your Poké-pals!

Pokemon dA Gallery screenshot by JiFish

I planted some catnip a few months back, it's coming on quite well. I'm going to repot them all in a big pot at the weekend. Anyone want one?

Grown Catnip 1 by JiFish Grown Catnip 2 by JiFish

We also received a lovely package from Aoife. It was full of lovely tasty dairy-based products. Thanks sis!

Package from Aoife by JiFish
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I don't like to use other people's content, but in this case I feel it's really important. Apologies in advance.

People have asked me why I am against copyright and patent laws. As someone who wants to publish my own computer games, wouldn't I want my hard work protected? Other than the fact that I am a self confessed pirate, there are serious reasons we need to revise our archaic intellectual property laws in the age of the internet.

The following article is by Christian Engström, the first MEP for the Pirate Party. Given the nature of the article, I'm sure he wouldn't mind me stealing it. It sums up eloquently many the arguments for the weaker laws that I support:

If you search for Elvis Presley in Wikipedia, you will find a lot of text and a few pictures that have been cleared for distribution. But you will find no music and no film clips, due to copyright restrictions. What we think of as our common cultural heritage is not "ours" at all.

On MySpace and YouTube, creative people post audio and video remixes for others to enjoy, until they are replaced by take-down notices handed out by big film and record companies. Technology opens up possibilities; copyright law shuts them down.

This was never the intent. Copyright was meant to encourage culture, not restrict it. This is reason enough for reform. But the current regime has even more damaging effects. In order to uphold copyright laws, governments are beginning to restrict our right to communicate with each other in private, without being monitored.

File-sharing occurs whenever one individual sends a file to another. The only way to even try to limit this process is to monitor all communication between ordinary people. Despite the crackdown on Napster, Kazaa and other peer-to-peer services over the past decade, the volume of file-sharing has grown exponentially. Even if the authorities closed down all other possibilities, people could still send copyrighted files as attachments to e-mails or through private networks. If people start doing that, should we give the government the right to monitor all mail and all encrypted networks? Whenever there are ways of communicating in private, they will be used to share copyrighted material. If you want to stop people doing this, you must remove the right to communicate in private. There is no other option. Society has to make a choice.

The world is at a crossroads. The internet and new information technologies are so powerful that no matter what we do, society will change. But the direction has not been decided.

The technology could be used to create a Big Brother society beyond our nightmares, where governments and corporations monitor every detail of our lives. In the former East Germany, the government needed tens of thousands of employees to keep track of the citizens using typewriters, pencils and index cards. Today a computer can do the same thing a million times faster, at the push of a button. There are many politicians who want to push that button.

The same technology could instead be used to create a society that embraces spontaneity, collaboration and diversity. Where the citizens are no longer passive consumers being fed information and culture through one-way media, but are instead active participants collaborating on a journey into the future.

The internet it still in its infancy, but already we see fantastic things appearing as if by magic. Take Linux, the free computer operating system, or Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Witness the participatory culture of MySpace and YouTube, or the growth of the Pirate Bay, which makes the world's culture easily available to anybody with an internet connection. But where technology opens up new possibilities, our intellectual property laws do their best to restrict them. Linux is held back by patents, the rest of the examples by copyright.

The public increasingly recognises the need for reform. That was why Piratpartiet – the Pirate party – won 7.1 per cent of the popular vote in Sweden in the European Union elections. This gave us a seat in the European parliament for the first time.

Our manifesto is to reform copyright laws and gradually abolish the patent system. We oppose mass surveillance and censorship on the net, as in the rest of society. We want to make the EU more democratic and transparent. This is our entire platform.

We intend to devote all our time and energy to protecting the fundamental civil liberties on the net and elsewhere. Seven per cent of Swedish voters agreed with us that it makes sense to put other political differences aside in order to ensure this.

Political decisions taken over the next five years are likely to set the course we take into the information society, and will affect the lives of millions for many years into the future. Will we let our fears lead us towards a dystopian Big Brother state, or will we have the courage and wisdom to choose an exciting future in a free and open society?

The information revolution is happening here and now. It is up to us to decide what future we want.

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Not exactly art-related but I wanted to share. A couple of years ago I bought a Catnip plant at Strawberry Fair. I put it in out back and promptly forgot about it. I thought it had died some time ago. But nature being nature, I now have wild catnip growing in the back garden. It wasn't me that discovered this, but my cat. I realised when I saw him rolling around out there.

Cat Finds Wild Catnip 1 of 2 by JiFish Cat Finds Wild Catnip 2 of 2 by JiFish

I thought it was cool, anyway... :)

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It seemed to take forever, but as promised in the dying seconds of 09.04.09... LEANMAN 3 IS FINISHED!

Go get your copy, hot off the presses, from the Leanman 3 Website!

Don't forget to sync your High Score to the web! Please report bugs to

10/04/09 3.1 Update: Fixed a couple of major bugs today. So please update to the latest version if you have already downloaded it.

11/04/09 3.2 Update: Fixed another bunch of major bugs. Sorry, if you had played before you will lose anything you have unlocked...

15/04/09 3.3 Update: Made super-sheep mode actually do something. :P

17/04/09 3.36 Update: Added Long pad for Iceman. Fixed bug where you didn't get any cash for playing Long.

Leanman 3 - Coming 09.04.09 by JiFish

Small print: Yes the UI is still quite awful. But I had to draw a line somewhere. It'll be fixed in Leanman 4ever, honest!
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Additional Public Service Announcement: TommyTong is now on dA. Go check out his drawings (and see a picture of him meeting The cat.) :D


Gingwarr baked me a leanman cake! Check it out:

The cake is not a lie by Gingwarr

Leanman is a character from a computer game of my own design. Here's the actual sprite:

Not only did it look awesome, but it was delicious (and verrry sweet!) Thank you Gingwarr and Tom!

I commissioned it in exchange for some Space Invaders Hama like I used on my Xmas tree:

Xmas Space Invaders - Hama by JiFish Xmas Space Invaders - Close-up by JiFish
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So it snowed heaver than I have seen in a long time. So I decided to capture some snaps!

On my way to work:
Morley Grove Snow by JiFish
Morley Grove Snow 2 by JiFish

(I only got half-way down the road.)

And from this evening:
Morley Grove Snow 3 by JiFish
Morley Grove Snow 4 by JiFish

Post links to yours! :)

Also, a public-service announcement: If you are not yet watching The Geef, then you should be!

More hama and genetic art soon...

Update: Other snow photos!
Where has my garden gone by RowanShield
snow woman by aoife-fionn
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I've been doing some experiments with Evolution Art that I'd like to share.

I'm using Roger Alsing's awesome software, which he has released under the LGPL. He has a complete explanation of the technical side on his blog:… He also shows his own evolution of the Mona Lisa.

Here's the short version:

The software randomly creates a list of polygons, this list becomes the image's 'DNA'. It then slightly mutates the DNA to create a mutated image. Then it compares the current and the mutated versions with the target image. (For example, the Mona Lisa.) The image that most closely matches becomes the current images and the process is repeated. Thousands of generations later, you have something that looks like your target image.

This kind of brute force genetic programming very cool. It's amazing to see what Genetic Programming can achieve using nothing but time and coloured polygons.

As my first test, I decided to try something easy. Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red by Piet Mondrian.… I was very impressed by what it outputted in just a half hour. What would happen if I let it run all night?
Piet - Evolution Art - Test by JiFish

The next two deviations are the result of the tests. Each one also has a video of the progress from start to finish.

Test 1, cell pod By TheGeef: Evolution Art - Cell Pod by JiFish Video:…
Test 2, Bexley By chilm: Evolution Art - Bexley by JiFish Video:…

Test 3 is a Yoshitaka Amano piece, and it is running right now! You can see the latest iteration as the webcam picture on my deviantart homepage. It is updated every five minutes. I'll be running it for a few days.
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w00t 1,000 page views! Thanks everyone. Oh wait, chilm has 19,300 and my sister has 16,400.

Oh well, at least I'm still beating Geef for the moment...
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Now chilm's four advance wars sprites are finished (done in exchange for this awesome photo.) I am now accepting new commissions in exchange for artwork! :D

You pick the what Hama sprites that you would like, and choose a type of art you want to exchange. We'll "hama" out a deal. (Okay, that was a terrible pun. :P )
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Sorry I have been missing for a while. I have over 400 (!) deviations to catch up on... so don't be surprised if I comment on a random item from months ago. :)